Biography of Louis Wojtkowiak

wojtkowiakWojtkowiak Louis was born on 17 June 1920 in Castrop, near Essen, Germany (parents, Martin and Maria nee Kosmala). The family returned to Polish around 1924 and settled in Tarnowski Gory, where he finished elementary school. Then went to the Silesian Technical Scientific Works in Katowice and trained as a chemist technician, however, because the war did not finish school. During the occupation, was hired as a lab technician in the chemical industry.

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Biography of Gerard Wodarz

wodarzGerard Wodarz born on August 10, 1913, in Great Hajduki (in 1928, included in Chorzow). As a 13-year-old started playing the „Ruch” Chorzów and barwom remained faithful to the outbreak of war. He played left midfielder position. The club’s glory years, together with Ernest Wilimowskim and Theodore Peterkiem created one of the best attacks interwar Polish soccer. In 183 league games he scored 51 goals, 5 times with the club celebrated the Polish championship. At age 19 he made his debut in the Polish national team. He played in 28 games, he scored 9 goals (including 5 at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936).
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Biography of Leon Szczukowski

leonLeon SZCZUKOWSKI born 2 September 1913, in a village near New Pieniążkowo on Kociewie (parents, Conrad and Faustina home Wasik). The family attended the village school, after graduating with the financial assistance which the priest began his studies at the Collegium Marianum Pelplin – private school episcopal see such a classic. After finishing eight classes in the spring of 1934, obtained a matriculation certificate. In May of that year he stood before the draft board in Grudziadz that gave him the category „C”, and therefore did not have to take compulsory military service (this category, currently non-existent before the war meant the „unfit” Restricted).

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Biography of Felix Szczukowski

feliksSZCZUKOWSKI Felix was born on 27 July 1911 in a village near New Pieniążkowo on Kociewie (parents, Conrad and Faustina home Wasik). In his home village, he attended school, graduating in 1924, this year his father died, so Felix as a teenage boy started to work on the farm, where he was with his mother, and earned his living siblings (including the fees for two learners in high school brothers). In May 1932, stood before the draft board Grudziadz, however, although a category „A” was released from having to undergo compulsory military service as the sole breadwinner.

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Biography of Alfonso S.

sAlfonso S. was born on December 5, 1919 in Dortmund in Germany to Polish parents. In the twenties came to Polish and lived in Grudziadz. Interested in aviation, in 1932 he completed a course LOPP. Autumn of 1938, volunteered for the Polish Army and was sent to 4 air regiment in Torun. After completing the course in the regiment rekruckiego January 9, 1939, he was assigned to the course assistants gunsmiths. April 12 completed it and was assigned to the school 4 Regiment Squadron. Since July 1, he served in 41 Squadron line, equipped with light jednosilnikowe bombers P.23 ‚Karas’. Its fate during the September campaign have been associated with this unit only to a point. While most of the staff of 41 Squadron arrived at the Romanian border and crossed it, the more S in unknown circumstances, was taken to a German prisoner of war. Was held, inter alia, in a camp set up in grudziądzki Fortress (Feste Courbiere). As an „ethnic Germans” (Deutschstämiger „it was only a place of birth – Dortmund) as of 9 October 1939 was released to home, has received an order for a regular check on the relevant services in Germany. Started to work as a photographer.
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Biography of Stanislaw Kazmierczak

kazmierczakStanislaw Kazmierczak was born January 31, 1923 in the village kasper Starogard near Gdansk (Felix’s parents – a construction worker – and Marianna nee Redzyńska). In his home village, he attended school, graduating in Czarnylesie in 1937 he began work on the farm of his parents. After the war he worked seasonally on farms in different places – near Nowy Dwor, New Pond, and Rudnie. Later, in December 1941, was an assistant butcher.

Receiving from their parents volkslisty group III on 8 September 1942, was forcibly drafted into the Wehrmacht. In the town of Butzbach, Hesse began training in the Army rekruckie, then continued in the south of France. Since January 1943, with his unit was stationed in Arles, but in February 1943 was sent to Norway. Together with the Organization Todt forced laborers worked in the construction of bunkers and fortifications in Oslo, at Narvik, in Balangen and Bode. Then, in December 1944 has been passed to the south of France as a soldier and mortar operation took part in the fighting at the front. At the beginning of the new year has been passed on to the Eastern front, and from 20 January 1945, he fought in the region of Opole Sagittarius, then in Wroclaw, which managed to evacuate in mid-February 1945, the last night before the complete encirclement of the city by the Red Army. May 5, 1945 on the Elbe, a few dozen kilometers from Dresden, was taken prisoner by the troops of 2 Polish Army Gen. Swierczewski. As a Pole, and fortunately he was released after a few weeks, 28 May 1945, he returned to kasper. Read the rest of this entry »

Biography of Karol K.

kI was born on 2 May 1923 in the village belonging to the district Łęg raciborskie [in Germany] (…) In 1929 he began teaching in primary school, finished it with a good certificate in 1937. As the eldest I had to take our 10-hectare farm. For this reason, I could not continue to educate, even though I suggested that my tutor. In school rooted in our views of National Socialism – then, as a young boy recognized many of these teachings as a fairy tale. So far, I can not understand why so many German professors so easily trusted Hitler, a simple painter and the greatest liar in history – Goebbels.
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Biography of Stephen Jagla

jaglaStephen Jagla was born on 15 December 1925, in Ruda Slaska. He grew up in a large family (four brothers and a sister), his parents ran a small farm. In 1939 he graduated from elementary school. After the defeat by Poland in September campaign his family Silesia was incorporated into the Third Reich. November 15, 1940, in Bielszowicach Jagla began apprenticeship at a bakery, after one and a half, he moved on to another. February 8, 1943 he passed the exam czeladniczy.

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Biography of Karol Cholewa

cholewaKarol Cholewa was born on 1 July 1924 in Ustronie Cieszyn Silesia (parents, Charles and Eve out of the house Lipowczan). His brother was John Cholewa, who later became a prominent Polish Air Force pilot, single highest military decorations. Graduated from primary school in his hometown, then started to work in factories Ustrori „Smithy”. As a teenager, he participated actively in the life of the local Boy Scouts.

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Biography of Jerzy Bugaj (ps. Osypka)

bugajBorn on 6 April 1920 in the village Bykowina in Upper Silesia (now the district of Ruda Slaska). Before the war, after completing primary school przyuczał the occupation upholsterer. Lived and worked in Świętochłowice. After 1939, his family took Volksliste, and he – as the holder of group III – was set up in 1942 to the Wehrmacht.

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